longbranch saloon Knox.tn.

longbranch history

     The LONGBRANCH SALOON in Knoxville Tn. was opened in 1976 on the corner of Cumberland Ave. and 19th St. N.E. in as a small “shot gun” bar. In 1992 it moved to its new location in an old renovated colonial home on the corner on Cumberland and 19th St. S.W.Our decor is rustic and casual.

      We are open for special events only. Pool tournaments, birthday parties, school parties, frat parties, or original live music shows.RENT THE WHOLE BUILDING. Bring your own food for cookouts.

     On nights we have our original live music upstairs the downstairs is open to the public for the game room and pool.

Beer bar only.

                   21+ downstairs bar smoking                                 

                   18+ upstairs music venue/party room




             FOR LEASE..

             inquiries call 865 406 7096